Amazing European Chamber Bands

Europe is well-known for producing some of the best musicians and composers in history. If you look on every curriculum of a music school in the world, most of the pieces studied there come from Europe. This is because this region had always had a great appreciation to art and this field managed to maintain one itself relevant and important in the everyday life. The chamber music first started as a very high-class music style dedicated only for private concerts for very rich people. These concerts would take place in specially designed rooms in the palaces of these rich people, obviously. Later, this music style moved from the very private rooms to the theater stages and this is how the more integrative and public-relevant chamber music was born. This is how we now understand the term of chamber music in the modern days, the concerts we see now at the local theaters and opera halls. But many people wonder who the best musicians in Europe are. We have listed some of the best chamber music bands in Europe to help you choose your next concert.

Chamber Orchestra of Europe

This is one of the most interesting music concepts in the world. This band has the whole range of musicians and started as a rather small group that wanted to revive the old days of the chamber music. They managed to become one of the most relevant and respected instrumental music bands in Europe and they have concerts all over the world. They have a unique and fun interpretation of the classic pieces and the tickets to their concerts are usually sold out months in advance. They also have their own pieces that are very popular, and many critics believe that they are going to be considered classics in a few years.

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

Also, one of the best chamber music bands in Europe. As the name says, they are mainly located in Oslo where they have regular concerts, but they also do European tours. They have a very good technique and they like adding their own notes to the classic pieces. Oslo is known for having and excellent music school and there are many students that battle for an empty spot in this orchestra every year. They are some of the most professional and skilled music bands in this area.

The London Mozart Players

Another excellent music group that mainly focuses on interpreting pieces from the genius composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Besides the classic pieces, they like to have their own interpretations to some of the most amazing pieces the composer had ever written. They are fun, and they are worth watching.

Eminence Symphony Orchestra

One of the most interesting music groups here. It interprets the classic parts with a twist and they like experimenting with new music instruments and they often incorporate modern touches and notes to the classic pieces. They are very interesting to watch, and every show is amazing.

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