Famous Classical Composers

Classical music may have shed some of its acclaims compared to the 17th to early 20th centuries; nevertheless, this music genre still impresses and inspires at the same time. Classic music has created celebrated composers who made massive contributions to the genre.

Despite the fact that the great composers were of the classical music era, their masterpieces and movements are still widely popular in rock concerts and blockbuster movies. During the old days composing music was regulated and perhaps this resulted in the making of the best classical music of all time.

Below is a list of the most celebrated classical composers of a left mark in the music industry.

1. Johann Sebastian Bach

The German is often viewed by many as the most gifted composer of all time, a remarkable feat considering the classical music era boasted many musical geniuses such as Mozart. However, Bache didn’t create any new styles of forms of music but delivered perfection to all his works with his love for complexity – something many composers avoided – with the fugue, a structure so tricky other great classical composers such as Mozart and Beethoven disliked writing them.

Writing universal masterpieces in every genre, many musicologists view Bach’s composition the “Mass in B minor” to be the most fabulous work of music ever written.

2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

By the age of five, Mozart was already famous across Europe for his piano, violin and composition skills.  Several hold the opinion Mozart was the most gifted composer in history, with the Austrian composing over 600 works in all music genres known in his time.

2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Some of his widely acknowledged works include operas The Magic Flute and The Marriage of Figaro, Requiem, Symphony No.40, Symphony No.25, Piano Sonata just to name a few. His perfection of the classical mode was instrumental in leading Beethoven to create a new style rather than imitating this musical great.

3. Ludwig van Beethoven

Born in Germany, Beethoven was instrumental in the shift from Classical music to Romantic music and is considered as the inventor of the genre. His career started by him copying the works of Haydn and Mozart with some of his most significant works being the 9th symphony. Despite being deaf for 25 years, Beethoven didn’t let his condition to hamper his dreams as he went on to compose the 9th symphony during this challenging period in his life. Other famous compositions include the 5th Piano Concerto, the Violin Quartets, and Misa Solemnis.

4. Guissepe Verdi

Verdi is best known for his operas which remain popular to-date. Born in Italy, Verdi’s career didn’t get to the best of starts as he almost gave up on music after his wife’s death and the failure of his second opera.

As fate would have it, Verdi’s fortunes took a turn for the better after his composition Nabucco became a success. Consequently, he composed great pieces later on to the point of being regarded as Italy’s most celebrated opera composer. Besides Nabucco, he wrote the well-known pieces such as; Ernani, Macbeth, Luisa Miller, Rigoletto and his most famous work Aida Otello and Falstaff.

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