Great Chamber Music Bands to See in Europe

Chamber music has been an exquisite entertainment method for a very long time. It represents the perfect combination between art and entertainment and dates back from Ancient Greece. Europe has been the birth place and the development ground for this music genre, so it comes naturally to be the best place to see a chamber music band. We have selected some of the best chamber music groups in order to give you the best classical music experience.

The first on our list is the number 1 of the BBC Classic music groups. The Chamber orchestra of Europe was created in 1981 and now represents a standard of quality and originality in Europe. This music group offers concerts all over the continent. Their style differs from one concert to the other and so do the artists. They have a large number of artists and songs and this is the reason for their capacity to have a lot of concerts. In case you can’t make it to their concert you have the option to listen to their past performance on the website.

The Razumovsky ensemble was founded by the award-winning Russian cellist named Oleg Kogen. The group has amazing international players. They have recently founded The Razumovsky academy where they have master classes for the younger generation. They have concerts mostly in the UK, but their tours are worldwide. Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen is a Dutch chamber music group. It was founded in 1990 and it’s specialized in performing modern compositions. The name of the group comes from the work of J. R. R. Tolkien. Athelas was a fictive plant with healing powers used by Aragon to save Frodo, the hobbit. The group also performed during the opening ceremony of the Cannes film festival in 2009.

The Fibonacci Sequence is a British chamber music group. Founded in 1984, the ensemble is proud of their flexibility. Their performance can range from solo to 20 instruments at one in the matter of seconds. Their shows are fun and breath-taking at the same time. They have released fourteen albums, the last one in 2012. German Brass is a professional brass group located in Germany. They are considered to be the best in their country. Founded in 1974, the group extended in 1985 with the occasion of the CD “Bach 300” when they needed more musicians. They have a number of permanent members and another number of temporary ones which are usually music school students. 7 Hertz is a chamber music band located in Leeds, England. They have released their own album in 2007 and have done a lot of collaborations ever since.

Hannoversche Hofkapelle is a music group located in Hanover, Germany. It performs chamber music and symphonies. The main influence of this group is the Baroque period and the Romanticism wave. This influence can be heard at every performance and became their hallmark. Chamber music has a very vast history in Europe and the variety is likewise.

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