How to Improve Your Piano Skills

The piano is well-known as one of the most popular and beautiful music instruments in the world. Listening to piano music is often in the therapy schemes for depression and anxiety so we can easily say that it is also a healing and magic instrument. There are many people that start studying the piano but often stop because they consider this instrument too difficult. There are other people that started playing the piano but they often reach a plateau in their studies and they often give up playing afterwards. And it is a pity that there are so many people that might have been the next Chopin. Improving the piano skills is not an easy task but it is a beautiful road towards a beautiful destination. We have listed some tips and tricks to improve your piano skills to help you on this amazing journey.

Learn the musical theory

Playing a musical instrument takes a lot of talent but the difference between an aspiring talent and a superstar is the theoretical knowledge. Besides the fact that you should learn how to read and write the musical notes, there are countless books that describe the basics when it comes to the theoretical basis of the piano play. Even if it may seem boring in the beginning, this is a mandatory step towards your success. Consider that without knowing this, you will be like an aspiring writer that doesn’t know the alphabet.

Learn the posture and the finger positions

Learn the posture and the finger positions
Learn the posture and the finger positions

The piano is a very elegant instrument that demands a lot from the back and the hands of the player. Learn what is your best sitting position to make sure that you are comfortable while you play. Otherwise, your back will start aching after just a few minutes of playing and you will be distracted from your work. The finger position is crucial for a good performance. There are also countless exercises for finger flexibility and strength. These are very important for the long-term performance because you will have more strength and you will be able to play more difficult songs.

First learn the classics

There are many renowned piano players that have stated that learning the classic songs and studying the style of the classic players is crucial for the development of the piano player. This way you will learn the most important paces and the most amazing notes. This is the easiest way to teach yourself discipline and control.

Listen, listen, listen

A good piano player should be able to hear a false note from a mile. Listening to piano pieces will help you develop the musical feeling and you will be able to easily observe when you are making a mistake. Also, a good thing to do to receive feed-back is to perform in public. You will definitely get a sincere opinion and this way you will know better where you have to work more. And the most important thing: be patient.

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