Is the Violin the Instrument for You?

Why Play an Instrument?

There are many people, particularly parents, who believe that playing a musical instrument is an amazing way to learn creativity, discipline and dexterity. There are countless options when it comes to choosing an instrument, there is one very obvious contender for the first place. Although violin is one of the most popular instruments offered in schools and universities, it is notorious for being very difficult to learn. There are many experts that argue that you have to have some specific traits in order to be successful in your journey to play the violin, but the ability to make music surely makes time with any instrument worth the effort.

What It Takes

Patience is key to learning any new skill, none more so then the playing of the violin! This little instrument is notorious for taking a long time to learn how to play properly and a lifetime to master, requiring discipline and a willingness to learn in order to start the process. There will undoubtedly be many moments when you will want to quit and try another instrument and you will need to be able to persevere beyond this if you want to see results.

What It Takes
What It Takes

You have to be careful with your violin and all the accessories as it is very sensitive and requires that you take good care of it, in order to get the best performance. Eventually you will consider your violin your best friend, but it takes time and patience to reach that point, as well as a determination to treat it with respect.

Initially a desire to learn the basics and the theory is required, for as much as it is good to have the talent and dedication, the process is also about the theoretical skills. Whilst this might be considered the most boring part of learning an instrument it is a necessity for success. You have to be patient and a good student in order to reach the point at which you can switch from the classic music to your own style.

Don’t be arrogant! This is a reason many talented artists fail. Arrogance can be accepted by the artistic community only in the moment you have proved yourself and that you deserve a place of honor. If you are initially arrogant, you will not hear your own mistakes anymore, and naturally you will make lots of them and weird sounds in the beginning. Always be humble when you are learning a new instrument.

Be willing to take feed-back and to be criticized, two of the most powerful tools in learning how to play any instrument. With the right attitude and willingness to accept advice you will make good progress and reach a point where, what started out as a temperamental adversary develops into a lifelong friend that can not only bring you much satisfaction for your accomplishments but joy to others as well! Who knows, what starts as a great musical hobby could result in a fine career.

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