Making Music From Recycling Material

Four years ago a group of young people who questioned the relationship between human beings and the environment decided to go a step further and contribute with their actions to mitigate a bit the damage to ecosystems that are generated by some of the man’s practices, such as simply throwing garbage or not recycling. It was then that Latin Latas was created, a musical, pedagogical, cultural and, in part, technological project, as said by David Castiblanco (or David Latas (cans), as he calls himself), one of the leaders of this initiative.

However, the process goes further: they, aside from building musical instruments with recyclable materials, always seek to convey a message with an environmental sense, that reaches people and, above all, serves to raise awareness about the importance of caring for the environment.

Environment and Animal Protection

This project, which is now a reality, began some years ago together with Andrea Defrancisco, the lead singer of the band. However, although they recognize that they are not the first to start with this concept, they assure that the difference between them and other bands is that they seek through their lyrics, music, and materials a way to carry an ecological, environmental message. And one of the ways that Latin Latas uses to carry its message is to give workshops so that from the younger to the eldest adults can learn how to recycle and reuse the materials and transform what is considered trash into a musical instrument, they make a huge variety of instruments, it’s amazing what can be done with recycled materials.

These activities are led by David, who also highlights that they also offer tutorials on YouTube so that people know what this process is like, there are hundreds of things that can be done with recyclable materials that many people could find at home. Similarly, David, who dictates the vast majority of workshops, teaches how to work with plastic bottles, because in addition to raising awareness about the use of this material that affects and the consumption of soft drinks or beverages that are not beneficial to humans, and that they are usually made of plastic.

The value to make any type of object from recycled elements doesn’t exceed the price of a “new” musical instrument, not even the 10% of the sales price, the only thing that is not reused and that must be purchased are some strings for guitars, for example. The value of an instrument is more construction time than money, people would love their instruments if the built them.

In this sense, the message left by Latin Latas is more than clear: Be aware of our carbon footprint on this planet, of our consumption; where it comes from and where it’s going, if we really need it. Their message is that garbage doesn’t exist, it is a raw material. The environment is something that is in all of us and if we want to change something in the world, we must first change it in ourselves.

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