Performers That Bring us to The World of Classical Music

Between concerts, great musicians, workshops, lectures and lectures, every year we have festivals that leaves us a complete musical perspective and pieces like the ones shown below that help us deepen the concepts of music and get a little closer to this exciting world. Let’s enjoy classical music!

The Classic Style

Considered one of the best Italian musicians, this composer, pianist, and musicologist Giovanni Bietti explains where the term and the history around the birth of the concept of classical music come from with his interpretations of those great musicians whose music has traveled time and are still heard. On the other hand, the classical pianist Rudolf Buchbinder, who was considered a prodigy child since he was five years old, tells us about the precursors of classical music such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Joseph Haydn.

A performance that explores not only the birth of the classic but its history through the big Maestros who speak to us specific issues of said musical style, all by presenting humbly their songs and having the needed skills to perform as those great musicians did, this man from Leitmeritz, Czechoslovakia, shows us that nothing is impossible if you work for it.

The Divertimento

The young violist Liisa Randalau was born in Estonia and, as a member of the Schumann Quartet, regularly performs at the world’s major shows, shows us the division of the musical form ‘The divertimento’, popular during the eighteenth century and composed for a small number of instruments. Also, the violinist Erik Schuman tells us his personal experience when playing the melodies. Likewise, the Colombian prodigious Saxophone player and Jazz artist Antonio Arnedo cites Colombian music when talking about the great combinations of such melodies and forms that can be performed in it.

Mozart’s Crazy Talent

Orchestra’s director Clemens Schuldt, one of the conductors with the greatest projection in Germany, tells us about his learning and starts with Mozart as his musical “godfather”. A brief and interesting journey through the history of Schuldt and Mozart.

Playing Mozart

Playing Mozart
Playing Mozart

Interpreting Mozart can take years of work, this is what the pianist Martin Stadtfeld shows, a person who brings us closer to his story and his personal passion. It should be noted that Stardfeld is recognized as one of the great German interpreters.

Nelson Freire

And last but not least, we will mention the renowned Brazilian pianist Nelson Freire who will delight you with his great talent as well as telling us detailed aspects of the music and his presentation in Cartagena, he has performed numerous times and he’s certainly a must-see.

The musician who at 3 years of age was applauded for his overwhelming talent released his album ‘Chopin The Nocturnes’ in 2010 achieving the Golden Record for more than 40,000 copies sold. He also produced the productions ‘Harmonies du Soir’ that honored the bicentenary of the birth of Franz Liszt and an album of Brazilian music for piano.

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