Where to Learn Classical Music

Classical music has an elegance that has inspired us throughout the centuries. Many composers and musicians start off by learning classical music in order to better understand the culture of music. We have selected some of the best places to learn classical music, both for amateurs and professionals.

For the ones who don’t want to become the next Beethoven, there is an option to learn remotely. BBC radio 3 offers a wide range of classical music online and even short courses that are divided on levels of difficulty. You can even order kits composed of a CD and a book in order to learn your favourite classical instrument at home. Other cheaper options can be found on YouTube. There are thousands of movies made by classical music teachers or amateurs that explain how to use the instrument, how to read the music notes and so on. This is a cheap way to learn classical music.

You can enrol in an online course. There are countless websites that offer this opportunity. You can choose from many courses divided by the instruments and difficulty. You will get the necessary material online and some websites offer the option to test your skills at the end of the course. These courses have different prices, depending on the options you get. The website called Springboard offers a wide range of courses designed on levels of difficulty. Besides those, you can also access countless videos of renowned musicians and listen to many types of classical music from all around the world.

You can also choose to go to a physical course. There are many professional schools and universities that offer these courses outside their teaching program. Teachers from these institutions offer beginners courses in the evening and you can select from a very wide range of options. Being a live course, the price can go a bit up but will be guaranteed to have a constant feed-back.

The classical way to learn classical music is to study it in university
The classical way to learn classical music is to study it in university

The classical way to learn classical music is to study it in university. In most universities you can choose your optional courses and most of the universities have this option in their curricula. It will be free given the fact that you already study at that university and it won’t interfere with your learning program. Just be cautious, by choosing this as a subject it means that you will also have to prove your skills at the end of the semester so don’t take it as light hobby.

Probably the most straightforward method to study classical music is to go to a music university. This is the best option for those who want this to be their career. Here you will learn the music theory, the fundament of every song, how to play an instrument and how to read music notes. This is probably the most efficient way to learn classical music, but it will also require a lot of work and dedication. During your learning years you will have to choose an instrument of choice and learn everything about it.

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